The Benefits Of ‘Field Paint Only’ Policies

More and more paintball fields and parks have been undergoing a significant change—and it isn’t happening on the field. With the rising cost of equipment and maintenance, facilities have started to experiment with a “Field Paint Only”  (FPO) policy, also known as field protected, which requires players to purchase their paintballs from the field instead of having the option to bring their own paint.

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Why Choose American Made Paintballs?

Why Choose American Made Paintballs? Advantages Playing paintball should always be a fun experience for people of all ages and experience. For years, many have feared engaging in the sport of paintball because of the possibility of getting hurt. What they don’t know...

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NXL Las Vegas Open

What Happens in Vegas... With yesterday’s release of the NXL Field Lay-out of the season opener to be held in Las Vegas, there is a significant buzz amongst players, coaches, and industry partners. The anticipation will continue to grow as teams begin practicing on...

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